Donald Miller’s new book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” is filled with some really moving stories.  The tagline is “What I learned editing my life” and centers around the story of turning his another one of his books “Blue Like Jazz” (READ MY REVIEW) into a movie.

Unfortunately that project has been put on hold (read the update on

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This book is challenging and asks you tough questions like “What kind of story am I telling?”  There was one chapter in the book that particularly stood out to me about a father and daughter dynamic where the daughter was growing up and distancing herself from her family with a questionable boyfriend and the father could have grounded her and threw away the key until she turned 30 but instead realized that the story their family was telling was boring and that’s why she was looking someplace else for a more “action-packed” story.

What that father and family did was truly remarkable and inspiring… (read the book).

Favorite quote:

I make self-deprecating comments (like a dog that pees when you walk in the room).

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A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller