I just finished the classic “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck.  It is part of my “read-the-classics-so-I-don’t-look-like-an-idiot-when-people-talk-about-books-campaign.”  This 600 pager is a change of pace for me, but I’ve got to say I really liked it.

It is a well-told story about two families in the Salinas Valley in Northern California that centers around the dynamic of brothers. Thus the “East of Eden” reference to the land East of Eden where God banished Cain for killing his brother Abel.

There were some very vivid and evil characters in this book. Especially, Cathy. I found myself hoping for her misfortune (don’t worry I don’t think she was a real person so it is okay).

This book is about just how much a human can take and move forward.

A lot of the book just had me saying “That’s messed up.”  But, that’s just the way life works since we are all living somewhere “East of Eden.”