I found this book in comic book store in Chapel Hill while killing some time one afternoon.  It is a humor book by Garth Sundem.  The Tagline is:

be afraid, beautiful people

There are exactly 314.15 entries in this geek manifesto that is a homeage to all things geek from “The quotable Yoda” to “Things that will make your brain hurt” this book had me interested all the way through.

The writing style is sarcastic and dripping with satire.  If you are interested in joining the geek army for the global-takeover than this book is for you.

My favorite entries:

Five Latin Phrases to Shout While Riding into Battle

Nine Australian Animals Most People Think are Fake

Five Classic MacGyver Hacks

Caffeine Levels in Designer Coffee

and 80’s Dance Moves that Deserve Resurgence